A particularly long-lived scientifico-philosophical phenomenon. Moregeometrico analyses the possibility of conscious life existence in certain areas of the universe. The attention is mainly centered on the problem of the establishment of contacts between civilizations from different planetary systems.

In 2004, Gael was selected to be a musician of Moregeometrico. (also sometimes member of TF (troisieme fondation), Macalsep, Tank and The Dale Cooper Quartet with the French Label Diesel Combustible Recordings & Douche Electrique). Zalie joined Moregeometrico at the last “Douche Electrique” concert in Brest/France 2004. Here she began to work in the area of fluid dynamics voice in music.

Moregeometrico Live @ Chabada (Angers)

In 2004, Christophe joined Moregeometrico as nice guest (from Tank) and space research guitarist. In 2004, Moregeometrico flew on his second mission (Luisances : festival of improvise music/ Brest/France). Finally, on Feb 1 2005, 16 minutes before the breakfast, the internet site was online with music and video.
In concert, we play improvise music with a custom movie and make real time space travel with two screens with computer modelized universe.

Design of a language for cosmic intercourse